We take a holistic approach to our clients, with an extensive range of services to meet your wealth requirements and tailored to your needs

Your personal CFO will be your single point of contact for all your business requirements

asset management

With a Discretionary Mandate you delegate investment decisions to Arena Wealth Management. Discretionary mandates are comprehensive, focused on long term growth and success. Defining your investment profile. Your manager works with you to define a profile and strategy that is tailored to your specific situation based on your financial situation, risk tolerance, investment objectives and chosen investment horizon.


Return on capital with relatively low risk tolerance. Priority given to investments in fixed-income instruments or money market funds.


Combination of fixed-income and growth-oriented investments with moderate risk tolerance. Investments weighted among various asset classes.


Growth of capital with elevated risk tolerance. Depending on market conditions, priority is given to equities, equity funds or alternative investments.


Tailor-made investment solutions. Your needs are unique. Active investment advisory guarantees a tailor-made solution according to your own investment style and objectives. We construct a portfolio in line with your objectives, needs and risk profile.

Proactive advice

Individually and regularly delivered to you, based on your individual investment strategy.


We advise. You decide and always make the final investment decision.

Active monitoring

Ongoing monitoring enables us to actively support you in managing your portfolio risks and taking advantage of market opportunities. Thus, you achieve closer alignment of your portfolio with your investment strategy.

Combined mandate solutions

Combined mandate solutions consist of core and satellite investments and take account of clients’ individual needs.

The combination of individual portfolios thus results in an integrated solution that corresponds to clients’ desired risk tolerance and expected returns.

The components include our Discretionary Mandates as well as active investment advisory, which can be used on a selective basis as supplemental investment components when constructing the portfolio.


We offer Institutional Advisory services, starting with the needs of individual institutional investors, in terms of target return and risk profile. Our knowledge of operational issues and the diversification of investment styles enables us to offer a wide range of services, within a rigorous and methodological framework.


Arena's execution team are committed to providing the highest level of execution capabilities and have consistently proved the ability to source and place significant volume in securities.


Arena has successfully executed several high profile corporate transactions over the past years. We have extensive experience advising and supporting clients in the planning, negotiation, and completion of corporate transactions through our extensive international network.